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Effortlessly launch offers using our customizable dashboard.

Set your budget, limits, and content objectives, and go live in minutes. Gain valuable insights with metrics like opt-ins, posts, reach, and reward redemption frequency

UGC Library

Streamline UGC management with our dashboard. Easily access, review, and repurpose all customer-generated content in one place. Harness the power of the thriving UGC market, known for its effectiveness in marketing.

Seamlessly integrate UGC into your campaigns to maximize its impact and engage your audience.

Unlocking Growth:

Tracking ROI

Reward redemption

Track reward redemption easily from your dashboard.


An influential reach right into your customers' personal networks. 100 customers with 1,000 followers each reaches 100,000 people.


Hire one less photographer, content manager, or influencer and grab impactful organic content from your customers.

Social mentions

Stay visible and build a strong social presence affordably and effectively as more consumers turn to instagram to find their next purchase or experience.

Engineering Word of Mouth
in a Digital Age


Praying a portion of an influencer's audience converts

Expensive influencers and micro influencers

Expensive ads on every major platform

Limited reach and influence

Integration challenges

Outdated boring rewards and loyalty programs

Automated UGC generation

Streamlined content rights

Cost-effective content creation

Harness customer influence

Seamless POS integrations

Innovative rewards and loyalty

Customer engagement tool

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